Christmas Eve Services

2017 Christmas Eve Worship Services 

10:30 am: One morning service in the  Sanctuary with Rev. Tom McCloskey. Music, carols, and a reading of the Christmas story, Where Love Is, God Is, by Leo Tolstoy.

4:00 pm: 30-minute Toddler service in the Contemporary Worship Center with Rob Fuerher and Felicia Coleman, Directors of Children’s Ministries. Music, carols, and the reading of The Gift, and A Birthday Party for Jesus. Birthday party reception on the terrace immediately following the service.

5:00 pm: Candlelight Family service with Rev. Tom McCloskey. Lessons in carols with the Brass Ensemble and Children’s Choirs. A reading of the Christmas story along with the “Sharing the Light of Christ” at the conclusion of the sermon.

7:00 pm: Contemporary Candlelight & Communion with Rev. Shelly Denmark. Poetic reading and spoken word with Robert Rodriguez, music and carols, communion liturgy, and the “Sharing the Light of Christ.”

7:00 pm: Traditional Candlelight with Rev. Tom McCloskey. Music by the Brass Ensemble and Sanctuary Bells with the “Sharing the Light of Christ” at the conclusion of the sermon.

11:00 pm: Candlelight Communion with Rev. Tom McCloskey. Pre-service music begins at 10:30 pm with Christopher Ludwig, flute; Elizabeth Warner, soprano; Wei-Shen Chin, violin; and a Vocal Ensemble. Music during service by the Chancel Choir, and Isabelle Moylan, soprano. Communion liturgy, and the “Sharing the Light of Christ” will conclude this beautiful service.