Rejoice in Christ!

January 27 | 5:00 pm | Sanctuary

About the Program

The music program presented January 27 is a new chapter in the “Power and Glory of God Through Music” concert series. In 2015, the Divine Trilogy series was brought to a successful close at the Forest Lake Church in Apopka. This year we start anew with an exciting partnership between the First United Methodist Church of Orlando and Markham Woods Seventh-day Adventist church. Together, along with several other churches in the area, we are bringing to our audience a grand program of sacred, uplifting, and awe-inspiring music featuring a combined mass choir, orchestra, handbells, and organ.

We are constantly bombarded with news of bad things happening; on the local level, on the national level, on the global level. Music offers a break from that. Specifically, this music program exists for two reasons: to return a musical offering to the Lord, and to provide a brief respite from the constant bombardment of bad things in the world around us.

It may be noticed that there are no holidays near the program date. This is by design. The goal is to provide a musical oasis, no matter how brief, without the emotional ties to a holiday or event. The program is altruistic in nature; it exists because music and musical opportunities are good as well as fun.