Summer Sermon Series Study

We’re beginning a new sermon series, The Bible in Twelve Words, on Sunday, May 27. Below you’ll find the study guide to use with a small group or independent study.

“The idea for The Bible in Twelve Words came to me years ago when I found myself often being asked for a way for people to understand the history, theology, and unity of the Bible in a concise manner. I have found that those who are new to Bible study appreciate a bit of a roadmap, and those who are veterans appreciate being able to understand the direction of the Biblical narrative and the development of theology.” -William S. Barnes

View the Study Guide

Looking for a small group? You’re invited to the home of First Church members, Jeff & Debbie Chandler, in the Conway area. The group will meet every Wednesday throughout the summer, beginning May 30 at 6:30 pm with dinner provided. Contact Jeff at 407-443-2437 for address and more details.