The vision of the First United Methodist Church of Orlando is to,


Basically, just three simple words: SEEK, LOVE, SERVE.

To “seek” means, “the desire to find or obtain.”  At First Church, we seek God through prayer, study, worship, and discipleship. Psalm 53:2 says, “God looks down from heaven on humans to see if anyone is wise, to see if anyone seeks God.”

To “serve” means, “to render or assist, or be of use.” We serve people, inside and outside of the church, through warm hospitality, helpful service, and generosity.  Galatians 5:13 says, “Serve each other through love.”

Love is at the core of both seeking and serving and central to all we are and do as followers of Jesus Christ. Jesus said the first and greatest of all commandments is (Luke 10:27), “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your being, with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ The second is this, ‘You will love your neighbor as yourself.'” Jesus is the self-definition of this kind of love, exemplified by his sacrificial death on the cross. We are called to exemplify that love in words and deeds.

First Church Orlando

We specifically believe God has called First Church to SEEK, LOVE, & SERVE at the urban core of Downtown Orlando. First Church is uniquely, centrally placed at the intersections of government, the arts, commerce, education, and culture. The cross in our logo also resembles the points of a compass, with arrow points directing us outward toward our neighbors. We believe our calling is to SEEK, LOVE & SERVE, as we intersect and engage each unique element of the Downtown community.

Our vision and calling are to SEEK, LOVE, & SERVE.  

Downtown Orlando is our mission field.

We invite you to join us!