Embark: New Member Journey

Sunday, January 19 – Sunday, February 9 • 10:45 am – Noon

The Appalachian Trail is 2,200 miles long and spans from northern Georgia to central Maine. While some people start at the beginning and hike through until the end, most people join the trail for segments at a time. Everyone’s journey along the Trail is unique.

Likewise, everyone has a unique journey of faith. Our connection with God goes up and down as we walk through life. Right now, our journeys of faith have converged here at First Church. Whether we just joined the trail or have been along it for many years, we can all journey together.

Through this four-weeks together, we’ll learn about and join each other’s journeys. As we walk together, we’ll discuss what it means to be Methodist and how we try to seek and love God, love and serve people. 

Let’s see how we can walk this journey of faith together. Will you embark with us?