Summer Mission Trip Recap

This year’s mission trip was three trips combined into one. While everyone worshiped, played, and ate together, we had three separate work sites.

  • Our 7th & 8th graders completed several projects on a man’s house. They built a shed, roofed a porch, painted, and more.
  • Our 9th & 10th graders built a 32′ wheelchair ramp outside, built walls inside, and sealed the roof of Ms. Beverly’s future home.
  • Our 11th, 12th, and graduates helped to demolish property on the site of a future home for a deserving resident.

Since all the groups were together for meal and worship times, the entire youth group connected in ways that don’t typically happen on our summer mission trips. On the final evening, each of the work groups left worship one by one to interact with their staff person. The last group to go was our 11th, 12th, and graduate team. They were pocketed all around the room, empty chairs on either side of most of the students. This was a great visual of how integrated our whole group was across ages and grades.

Another cool thing was the sheer amount of siblings on this trip. Eleven different sets of siblings accounted for 41% of our total trip population! The age differences between some of the sibling sets would have previously prevented them from being on a mission trip together.

On the final night, the 9th & 10th grade group talked about joy. Yeah, sometimes life is difficult, and it rarely goes as we anticipate, yet through it all, we can focus on the joy of life found in Christ. This trip provided a tremendous amount of joy as evidenced in our homeowners and the smiling faces of everyone in these pictures.