U Matter!

It’s time for our annual stewardship campaign; the time of year we prayerfully renew our church commitments for the coming year. When you joined the United Methodist Church, you were asked to pledge your “prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.” Annually, you are reminded of those vows, and asked to quantify those commitments for the coming year in the form of a pledge.

This year’s stewardship theme is U Matter. “U,” of course, means YOU! YOU matter! You matter to First Church, and more importantly, you matter to God! And please take this to heart: you matter if you are our church’s biggest giver, AND if you don’t give anything, at all. You matter, if you serve the church every day, and if you never serve, at all. You matter, if you attend worship weekly, and if you only come once or twice a year. You matter – period, end of sentence.

You matter, because you matter to God!

That being said, your commitment to First Church, big or small, matters too. You are the church, and everything we do is dependent on the generosity, service, prayers, and participation of our members. Because YOU matter, anything and everything you do matters!

  • Every prayer you pray for our church matters!
  • Every hour you attend worship or a church event matters!
  • Every dollar you give matters!
  • Every way you serve matters!
  • Every time you tell someone about our church, and that THEY matter to God, matters!

Friends, your commitment especially matters now. As you know, we’ve entered a new season of ministry at First Church. We are actively exploring new ways of serving our community and praying about how God will use First Church to do great things. But, any vision God gives us will require prayer, funding, and volunteer participation! I honestly believe we can and will do great things together, in the months and years to come. It will take all of us – ALL OF US – to make our God-sized dreams a reality!

So, please, prayerfully consider your 2020 commitment. No pledge or promise is too big or too small. Each one matters, because, YOU matter!

With much love,

Pastor Vance

P.S. You matter to me, too!